Brett Randell

“Singer-songwriter Brett Randell proves with his new release, album “Rise,” that he has what it takes to be a mainstream star…  his crooning melodies over the icing on the cake of a well-composed score will leave you wondering: why isn’t this guy famous already?” – Bridget Fitzgerald, Huffington Post

Brett Randell is a soulful singer/songwriter based out of Denver, CO. He recently released his 3rd CD “Rise” and has toured across Europe, the US, and Central America.

“Like a painting or a symphony, Brett Randell’s music has the ability to truly move the audience, but only if the listener has an open heart and the courage to swim out to the performer’s depths.” – Sarah Whited, Music Connection Magazine

Brett also plays live music for yoga festivals, retreats, and events across the US, UK, Italy, Ireland, Iceland, Spain, France, and Morocco, providing smooth guitar work and vocals for all types of teachers, festivals and classes.