With lyrics that weave stories and muse over feelings many seem to take for granted, Brett Randell is a musician on a mission to connect the world. The 31-year-old New Yorker-turned-Austinite-turned-Denverite croons with a clear and powerful voice. His soulful, poetry-based style places emphasis on intense lyrics, catchy melodies, and emotional stories.

Despite being surrounded by music his entire life, Brett only realized his passion for performing and songwriting at the age of 20.  Though both his sister and brother performed in bands throughout their teenage years, Brett shied away from any musical pursuits and stuck to his passion for drawing and writing. It wasn’t until purchasing an acoustic guitar for his 20th birthday in NYC that he had even considered writing a full song.

Quickly putting pen to paper and fingers to fret, he unleashed the thoughts and feelings stored inside him for years. Within the first couple days of owning his guitar, he wrote the song that would be the ultimate goal for his musical endeavors, “Change The World.”

In 2008, only nine months after picking up that guitar, Brett performed his music to a crowd of people from twenty-three countries in Milan, Italy.  Later that year, in his second live performance, he opened for Pete Francis of the famous alternative band, Dispatch.

In 2009, Brett abandoned plans for a stable career in New York City and packed his bags for Austin, Texas – and he hasn’t looked back since. Living and playing in the ‘Live Music Capital of The World’ helped develop and evolve Brett’s style, especially with the collaboration of cellist Christopher Rains, pianist Wilyum Jerome, and drummer Music Read.

In 2010, almost three years after writing his first song, Brett released his second CD – the five song EP “Glow,” and toured the US and Europe, spanning the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany and France .

After playing over 100 shows in 2011, touring around the US, and honing his craft in Austin, Brett decided to switch gears from the DIY self-marketed musician approach and get back to the creative side of music.

In 2012, with a one-way ticket to Florence, a backpack, and his first guitar, Brett traveled around the Mediterranean for 6-months, pursuing his dream of connecting people with music and traveling with no goals or plans. From rooftops in Istanbul, to ancient Roman streets in Croatia, vineyards in Tuscany, to green parks in Tbilisi, Georgia, radio stations in Athens to small apartments in Serbia, Brett connected with all walks of people through music and adventure.

In 2013, after another short stint in Austin, Brett packed everything he owned in his car and traveled around the US for most of the year, finally landing in Denver.

From 2014-2017, Brett released his newest EP, “Rise” to positive acclaim, traveled the world, playing music at house concerts and Yoga Festivals, retreats, and music venues across Ireland, Spain, Morocco, France, Italy, Iceland, the UK, and Italy, and continued to grow his fan base in a personal, soulful, and interactive way.

In 2018, Brett will hit the road again to share his soulful songwriter music across the world. Stay tuned.